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Every move comes with at least:

  • 3 furniture dollies
  • 2 hand trucks
  • 48 moving blankets
  • 5 rolls of tape
  • 5 wardrobe boxes
  • 12 moving boxes
  • 8 items shrink wrapped
  • 10lbs news print



    BASIC MOVE      $89/hr

    2 Men, 2 Hand Trucks, 2 Dollies, moving blankets, and a 15-foot van. Great for a small apartment or studio

    MEDIUM MOVE      $119/hr

    The Basic Move PLUS an extra moving man—total 3 Men. Perfect for a 1-2 bed- room apartment.

    LARGE MOVE      $139/hr

    The Medium Move PLUS a 24-foot van instead of 15-feet. Covers a large apartment, home, or if you have extra-large furniture like a piano.



    SMALL OFFICE MOVE      $129/hr

    2-3 Men, 15ft Van. Great for a small office with less than 5 people.

    REGULAR OFFICE MOVE      $149/hr

    The Small Office Move PLUS an extra moving man—total 3 Men. Covers a typical small businesses with desks, computers, couches, and more.